Life gets in the way of Fun

You know I use to think we needed to go out every Friday. Not sure where I got this idea but if your like me you felt impinged and like everyone else was living the highlife.

You can go off the grid completely and still enjoy life. You can put God first in your life and have joy from sharing the Gospel. It isn’t another stimulus we need. We need a relationship with God and live as Jesus did. Jesus had joy and festivals in his life. He enjoyed life sharing the truth with folks.

We have been living in Florida the last year. We are not completely off grid but definitely in a less material life. Living in one bedroom mobile home. Community needs Christ and we are sharing the Good news. We enjoy a daily swim and the country life. We pray and love people where they are at right now. It is a very joyful life.

Jesus lived a simple life, and encouraged his disciples to live simply, too.

Over the course of Jesus’ ministry in the Gospels, Jesus travels. A lot. As he traveled to spread the good news and teach and heal, he lived a pretty simple lifestyle. He ate and stayed at other peoples’ homes, and didn’t take much with him. He encouraged his disciples to do the same when they traveled to do ministry as well (Mark 10:10, Luke 10:4). In fact, we find out that Jesus didn’t even have a home (Matthew 8:2). Jesus even distilled all the laws and commandments down into the two most important: love God and love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22:37-40)

I believe purpose in Christ can give you joy and yes Fun.


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